Felt game: Animals and Food

Felt game: Animals and Food

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Felt game “Animals and Food” with cute animals: pig, mouse, dog, cow, chicken, hare, squirrel, bear, cat, and their food.

All rounds attach by hook and loop fasteners.
Orange disc rotates relatively to the blue disk.
Animals and food are printed on felt rounds.

How to play
1. Name the animals on the cards, discuss where they lives, and what sounds they make;
2. Discuss with the child what they love to eat.
3. Stick the proper food near each animal.
4. Play the game “What changed”. Ask the child to remember the location of the animals and turn away. Meanwhile, swap two or three animals. Ask your child to tell you what has changed.

All personages and forms were developed and drawn by Natalia Avdeyeva. Play and have fun!

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: felt, prints, button, hook and loop fasteners




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