• There are 124 cards, each card having a point value and four unrelated words, one per edge, for a total of 496 English words.
  • To learn more about the game, visit the creator’s site.  It has more instructions, images, videos and more.


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The Connections Card Game – The Game of Connecting Words

It’s like a crossword puzzle combined with dominoes.  Many ways to play!

The game is all about finding or making logical connections between words. This card game can be played on any flat surface like your kitchen or classroom table – even the floor.

Full instructions here (pdf)

Play the Game like Dominoes!

Connections are made by logically matching a word on the edge of one card with a word on the edge of any other card.

Connections must make sense! If someone has to tell a story to explain a connection, it probably isn’t one.


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